Fugazi – 1g Shatter


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Fugazi | 1 g | Cured Resin Shatter
Fugazi is a great strain, phenos are quite close, with one or two exceptional outliers. Not a massive stretch, but quite large plants to begin with. Yield is good, and flower produces very good hash, and in good quantity. High is a good mix of the GG genetics tethered back by what must have been an outstanding selection of the LA Kush Cake. The White Truffle reversal adds a frost that has to be seen to be believed. The biggest issue I had with my pack was chosing the keeper from an outstanding bunch. I ended up keeping 4 while I make my mind up over the coming months! This really ticks all the boxes, yield, flavour, high and even bag appeal. (My guys even love the name!!!) You have to take your hat off to Ziplock as this strain really stands out on its own as achieving more than most, becoming more than the sum of its parts, not something every modern strain is able to say. Get ya mits on these before they’re all gone, you won’t be disappointed!


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